It is important to know how much you will have to pay for Malaysia’s water tank cleaning specialists if you ever opt to hire one. These prices can vary depending on the size of your tank and the level of filth that has accumulated in it over time. To help you get an idea of what these costs are, we have put together this blog post with some factors that affect pricing.

The Size of Your Water Tank

Cleaning a water tank can be a tough job, especially when it is very large. Not only do you have to cover a lot of ground, but the filth itself can be thick and hard to clean up. Also, if your tank is big enough, it will take more time for the water technician to finish it properly.

As such, larger tanks tend to cost more because they require more workers or machinery that’s used in order to get all the dirt out from deep within them. The size of your water tank plays a huge role in how much you will end up paying for the cleaning, so if you’ve got a big one, be prepared to dish out a hefty sum.

The Kind of Cleaning Service Needed

Different tanks require different kinds of cleanings, which in turn means that the price will change. For instance, if you need a deep cleaning instead of a surface one (such as scrubbing off algae), then it is likely to cost more because there’s more work involved than just wiping down the exterior walls and flooring.

However, if your tank just needs surface scrubbing, then you should be able to pay a lot less money. If your tank needs a deep clean, there’s no point in trying to bargain with the water specialists because it will still cost more than if they just need an exterior wash or even some light cleaning.

If your water tank is very large or must be completely drained before being cleaned, then this can also affect the final pricing, so make sure to talk about what kind of service is needed beforehand with water tank specialists for an accurate quote.

Type of Water Tank to be Cleaned

The type of water tank you have will also affect the price. For instance, if you have one that is made of metal, then it will likely cost more to clean than a plastic tank because water technicians need special machinery and equipment in order to get all the dirt out from deep within them.

The Age of Your Tank

If your water tank is pretty old, then rust, algae, and dirt may have accumulated inside it for some time. This will make the process of cleaning more difficult so you’ll need a water technician that has experience in this kind of work.

As a result, older tanks tend to cost more because they take a longer time for the water specialist to clean and require additional equipment such as power machinery or chemicals.

The Tool and Equipment Used For Cleaning

If the water tank cleaning specialist is using specialized equipment or tools, then this will affect how much you have to pay. For instance, chemicals and other materials needed for deep cleansing may cost more than if they were only used for an exterior wash.

Therefore, it’s important to get a quote before hiring anyone so that there are no hidden costs involved in what you’re paying them.

The Water Tank Cleaning Company You Hire

Another factor that affects the price is who you hire to do it. If you go with a company that has years of experience and tons of positive reviews, then you can expect to pay more compared to if you hire someone who doesn’t have a lot of reviews or experience.

This is why it’s important to research the company before hiring them in order to find out how much they cost and what kinds of service they offer so you can be better prepared.


With so many factors that affect the price of water tank cleaning, it’s important to be aware. Whether you own a home or business, make sure you understand how much your particular property will cost before committing to any service provider.

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